Hey, I'm Trent Ross
I design digital products that make an impact
For over 12 years I've designed for companies in partnership with Delta Airlines, Univision, StateFarm, Ebay, and much more.
Recent Work at a Glance
LeagueSpeed.com - From Idea to Successful Product
A few years ago a friend and I were exchanging our kid sports league horror stories. We had an idea that we could make the experience better. Once we got into it our "How Might We" changed to focus on Players, Parents, AND League Organizers. In our research we found that most of the time the club directors were so burried that they couldn't make it a great experience for the kids and parents. In a few short years of research, build, design, and reiterate, we came up with leaguespeed.com. It's now one of the fastest and simplest sports management tools on the market.
The Results
Today, Leaguespeed hosts many leagues and thousands of players. It can load half a million roster records in unders a second. It's elegant interface makes league management take minutes instead of days.
BYU Ultimate Says
"Nobody does easy and sexy sports management like Leaguespeed." - Erik Jacobson, BYU Ultimate Coach
Utah Adult Baseball Says
"League Speed has been the best digital tool our league has ever used. It has saved us a significant amount of time managing the league, and has drastically improved the communication infrastructure of our league. I'm truly amazed at how much more time I have during the week because of League Speed's features. The players in our league have vocally expressed how much they appreciate this simple, clean, and user friendly platform that keeps them updated with everything going on in the league. We have no plans to move away from using this web application."
Xactware: Commercial Real Estate Inspection Manager
The Inspection Manager application was focuesed around simplifying the commercial real estate inspectors work. We observed what there day was like, how many apps they had to open/close, and reviewed the required reports and steps. Together we came up with a solution that made it clear what they needed to accomplish each day. We also made it so they could supervise other inspectors orders and reveiew reports and track progress. There were a lot heavy rules and laws involved that brought challenges and learning. In the end we were able to save inspectors countless hours each day with the goal of letting them help more customers.
The Results
Inspection Management went into effect for our customers and they were able to speed up daily tasks and better balance inspectors work loads.
Insurance Inspector Supervisor Says:
While on a plane to go do a customer observation project in the North-East, the guy next to me leaned over and started bragging about the new insurance software he was using. It turned out he worked for the customer we were headed to visit. He didn't know I worked for Xactware or that I was the one who designed this new software. He said "It's never been easier to find all the orders I need, I love it! The best part is the advanced search, we've been needing that for years!"