Some Recent Case Studies
2018 - 360Value Estimation Software

360Value is a commercial and residential property/build estimation application. It's built for insurance companies to estimate what it would cost to replace a building or home if it's a total loss in event of things like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados. It's a very advance tool that takes into account tax rules, laws, national building codes, and other complex business rules. I was in charge of reshaping this app into a more usable wizard-like format because it's previous state was mainly just pages of endless tables.

In this product story I'll describe my design process, and tough decisions that were overcome to make this tool what it is today.

2020 - Syncing Feature

BambooHR is a managment application for small and medium buisnesses. I recently worked on many areas of this app. These include Mobile, Time Tracking, File Management, Benefits, and Payroll. I also worked on creating the beginning of their mobile design system.

In this feature story I'll describe my work on a data syncing project, thought process, and the awesome results we got from our hard work.

2016 - League Management App started out as an idea that sports leagues for all ages could be easier to manage and more fun to play. In a few short years we took that idea from research to a full-scale AWS application that today is used by leagues and private clubs all over the US including BYU Ultimate.

In this product story I'll describe my design procress and things I learned.

Visual Design Examples and More
Motion & Design
How I Helped BambooHRs Mobile App Team Save Time & Resources on Animations
One of my favorite things about product designing is being product minded. Early on one of my mentors taught me the concept of draining the swamp. It's about how you can improve product for everyone and save yourself resources in the future. In this example I was working with the Mobile Team at BambooHR and we were looking at using our confetti animation for the employee celebrations. Everytime we needed to reuse the confetti design we had, the designer would have to go into After Effects and reanimate it into a new PNG sequence of a different size. Then the Devs would have to manually implement it's unique display. To simplify, I asked why we weren't using a particle system. This would allow for the code to generate the confetti dynamically, taking away hours of dev and design time everytime we needed something like it somewhere else in the app. I looked into it and helped the devs find the right type of particle system. This now saves the developers and designers 8-10 hours everytime they want to reuse this kind of animation. Below I built a replica of sorts using vanilla javascript to show you what it would do. Feel free to hit the "Throw More Confetti" button below.